Lecture. "Revising the classics: who are you, Ingmar Bergman?"12th of December 2018 18:30-20:00

On December 12 at 6:30 pm in ZAL # 2 Art-Belarus Gallery there will be a lecture “Revising the classics: Who are you, Ingmar Bergman?”. On the example of tapes from the “Weekend with Bergman” retrospective, film expert and program director of the film festival “Listapad” Igor Sukmanov tells about how the work of the Swedish director continues to influence the personality of the modern viewer.

One hundred years after the death of the “great Swede,” it is time to rethink the influence of one of the main authorities, directors and thinkers of the twentieth century on cinema. In the new century, other voices sounded, new masters, trends and styles appeared. Postdoc, postmodern, movement # MeToo ... would Bergman have "survived" in our era? What place today occupy the tape master, who brought from the "duck backwater" Scandinavian cinema? Did his pictures preserve the clarity and clarity of thought? Can they improve us?
Igor Sukmanov proposes to speculate whether Ingmar Bergman can still be considered an actual director, changing the viewer's mentality.
During the event, the issue of Art of Cinema magazine (5/6, 2018), dedicated to Ingmar Bergman, will be drawn. The lecture starts at 18:30. Admission is free - by registration: https://goo.gl/forms/KGBg9Nw67B7RlDwE2
Recall that from December 8 to February 24 in the cinema "Pioneer" will repeat the shows of 20 tapes of Ingmar Bergman. This weekend on the big screen is the documentary saga “Bergman” by Yana Magnusson. Also until December 14, the exhibition "Ingmar Bergman and his legacy in fashion and art" will be open in ZAL # 2. The exhibition includes photographs and video installations, clothing, personifying the signature "Bergman" style.
The project “Weekends with Bergman” is carried out with the support of the Embassy of Sweden in the Republic of Belarus and the Swedish Institute. The organizers of the exhibition "Ingmar Bergman and his legacy in fashion and art" - "New Cultural Initiative".