The Belgazprombank Collection is on show in Mahileu From October 19 till November 19, 2017 an exhibition 'Unknown and famous. Artists born in Mahileu region from the Belgazprombank Collection' works at the Mogilev Regional Museum n.a. Maslenikau
Works by the winners of 'Belgazprombank features Salon d'Automne-2016' are on the display in Paris On October 11,2017 Champs-Élysées were fully crowded – Paris met winners and participants of 'Belgazprombank features Salon d'Automne'
Opening of 'Belgazprombank features Salon d'Automne-2017' passed More than 500 works created by authors in different art forms and techniques found their place at the Palace of Art in Minsk
'Belgazprombank features Salon d'Automne' is being opened in Minsk for the third time A unique art project 'Belgazprombank features Salon d'Automne' for the third time will present in Minsk a vast panorama of art by the young Belarusian artists. A large scale exhibition will be on show at the Palace of Art from October 6 till November 6, 2017.
An educational programme of 'Belgazprombank feat. Salon d'Automne-2017' has been published A vast educational programme of the project (lectures, interactive excursions, quests, children classes) is set to make a dialogue between public and art world vivid
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