Student of the Smilavichy 'Ulej' became the winner of the international plein air in Saint Petersburg In the end of April 2018 the best students of the 'Ulej' Art Center created with the support of Belgazprombank took part in the International Plein Air-Contest 'Saint Petersburg yesterday, today, tomorrow'. Young painter Anastasiya Gurskaya became the winner of this prestigious art competition
The 'Art-Minsk' Contemporary Art Festival opened in the Belarusian capital For the first time the 'Art-Minsk' International Contemporary Art Festival opened at the Palace of Art. The 'Art-Minsk' Festival initiated by Belgazprombank has turned the city into one gallery where an every spectator could discover art created by Belarusian and foreign authors
Belgazprombank has been honored as the 'Maecenas of Culture' once again The finalists of the 'Maecenas of Culture of Belarus' Prize were awarded at the Palace of the Republic in Minsk for the fifth time. Belgazprombank was mentioned first in the list of prizewinners – with the wording 'For the contribution to the development and popularisation of Belarusian culture'
Press-conference devoted to the 'Art-Minsk' Festival was held for the second time Chairman of the Management Board of Belgazprombank Victor Babariko mentioned in his speech, "The 'Art-Minsk' is a good project for us as for the bank for two reasons: at first there are almost no limitations there, at second a lot of other participants are involved in the project"
The participants of the ‘Art-Minsk’ Festival have been announced By the results of competitive selection made by the expert jury, 250 artists are able to participate in the ‘Art Minsk‘ International Contemporary Art Festival initiated by Belgazprombank
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