Belgazprombank features Salon d'AutomneContemporary art project, since 2015


This autumn, for the second time, a show of emerging Belarusian artists will be held at the 'Salon d'Automne' (Autumn Salon) in Minsk, Belarus from October 6 until October 30, 2016. Contemporary painting, photography, graphics, sculpture, and installations will be exhibited at this show. Visitors will have an opportunity to see, purchase and appreciate art created by Belarusian artists aged under 40 selected by a professional jury.

Two special premiums established by Belgazprombank will be awarded to selected artists. Several renowned international experts are invited to make part of the selection committee and make a choice for the Promising Artist Award. The competition format of the show will enable the voting participation of every visitor. As a result, the People's Choice Award will be conferred to the winner.

The Salon d'Automne is to be the new focal place for contemporary art in Minsk. Galleries, collectors, connoisseurs of art, artists and all those interested in new opportunities in the art world will be able to discover the new trends, and learn about the expanding horizon of this geographically specific contemporary art world.

Our goal is to create a new platform for work, communication, idea generation and project realization. The task of the Salon is to attract and to awake interest in maximal number of active and potential participants of the art market among professionals and amateurs.

The show will take place at the Art Palace in Minsk on the exposition area of nearly 2000 square meters. The choice of venue was dictated by its prominent central location. The Art Palace with its Soviet modernist architectural style was built in 1973, and is one of the major exhibition areas in Belarus.

Lectures, master-classes, roundtables, discussions and workshops will be held during this art fair with the assistance of cultural partners. A series of events will be dedicated to the collection and peculiarities of purchasing contemporary art objects.

A Children's Art Studio will be created for young visitors. Together with painters and experienced hosts, children will be able to get acquainted with contemporary art and demonstrate their creative abilities.





'Belgazprombank features Salon d'Automne-2018' announces accepting applications Call for applications for the annual art project 'Belgazprombank features Salon d'Automne-2018' which will be held for the fourth time at the Palace of Art in Minsk from October 5 till November 4, 2018 has started since today
Winner of the ‘Belgazprombank features Salon d'Automne-2016’ has been awarded with president's prize Monumental artist Polina Omelyanovich is a winner of the Special Prize of the President of the Republic of Belarus to Cultural and Art Activists by the results of 2017
An exhibition by young Belarusian artists has opened in Vilnius A grand opening of the exhibition 'Today and tomorrow. Young artists from Belarus' which includes works by the participants of the 'Belgazprombank features Salon d'Automne' Art Project was held at the 'Arka' Gallery in Vilnius
An exhibition of the 'Belgazprombank features Salon d'Automne' participants is moving to Lithuania From December 20, 2017 an exhibition 'Today and tomorrow. Young artists from Belarus' which will include artworks by the participants of the 'Belgazprombank features Salon d'Automne' Art Project will start it's work at the 'Arka' Gallery in Vilnius
The winners of 'Belgazprombank features Salon d'Automne-2017' have been announced On 2 November awarding ceremony of 'Belgazprombank features Salon d'Automne-2017' was held. Five participants got cash prizes, three were awarded with special diplomas of the international jury
TOP-10 artworks of ‘Belgazprombank features Salon d'Automne’: children’s choice Young artists of the ‘Ulej’ Art Centre from Smilavichy which is Soutine’s birthplace for three years have been visiting an exhibition ‘Belgazprombank features Salon d'Automne’. This time in comparison with previous years a visit has been little unusual
The international jury of 'Belgazprombank features Salon d'Automne-2017' has been announced This year the experts from Russia, Ukraine, Slovakia, Lithuania and Italy have been invited to the jury of 'Belgazprombank features Salon d'Automne-2017' to sum up the results and determine the winners
Works by the winners of 'Belgazprombank features Salon d'Automne-2016' are on the display in Paris On October 11,2017 Champs-Élysées were fully crowded – Paris met winners and participants of 'Belgazprombank features Salon d'Automne'
Opening of 'Belgazprombank features Salon d'Automne-2017' passed More than 500 works created by authors in different art forms and techniques found their place at the Palace of Art in Minsk
'Belgazprombank features Salon d'Automne' is being opened in Minsk for the third time A unique art project 'Belgazprombank features Salon d'Automne' for the third time will present in Minsk a vast panorama of art by the young Belarusian artists. A large scale exhibition will be on show at the Palace of Art from October 6 till November 6, 2017.
An educational programme of 'Belgazprombank feat. Salon d'Automne-2017' has been published A vast educational programme of the project (lectures, interactive excursions, quests, children classes) is set to make a dialogue between public and art world vivid
13 galleries are to be presented at the ‘Belgazprombank features Salon d'Automne-2017’ 13 art galleries from Minsk, Brest, Vicebsk and Homel will take part in the biggest Belarusian art fair ‘Belgazprombank features Salon d'Automne-2017’
Acceptance of applications for the annual ‘Belgazprombank features Salon d'Automne’ is extended till 9 July According to high interest of emerging artists the acceptance of applications for the third ‘Belgazprombank features Salon d'Automne’ is extended till 9 July 2017
Belgazprombank accepts applications for the third ‘Salon d'Automne’ in Minsk From today our website has launched the acceptance of applications to participate in a unique art project ‘Belgazprombank features Salon d'Automne’, which for the third time will be held in the Palace of Art in Minsk in autumn of 2017
The winners of ‘Belgazprombank features Salon d'Automne-2016’ were chosen The biggest Belarusian contemporary art fair ‘Belgazprombank features Salon d'Automne’ finished on October 30 in the Minsk Art Palace. Prizes where awarded to the winners by the chairman of the jury, head of Belgazprombank Victor Babariko
‘Belgazprombank features Salon d'Automne’: Minsk – Paris Five young Belarusian artists – winners of ‘Belgazprombank features Salon d'Automne-2015’ showed their works at the world famous exhibition ‘Salon d’Automne’ on the Champs-Élysées in Paris
‘Belgazprombank features Salon d'Automne’ will open in a new format On October 7, 2016 the biggest art fair in Belarus ‘Belgazprombank features Salon d'Automne’ will start in Minsk Art Palace
Current ‘Belgazprombank feat. Salon d'Automne’ participants are announced We congratulate the selection stage winners of the ‘Belgazprombank features Salon d'Automne’ which is the biggest art fair in Belarus!
Belgazprombank accepts applications for ‘Salon d'Automne 2016’ From today our website has launched the acceptance of applications to participate in a unique art project ‘Belgazprombank features Salon d'Automne’, which for the second time will be held in the Palace of Art in Minsk from October 6 to November 6, 2016
Winners of the first ‘Belgazprombank's Salon d’Automne’ are announced There were near 10 000 visitors at the exhibition at the Palace of Art in Minsk. More than 30\% of artworks were sold for the month period of the exhibition. Grand Prix goes to Andrei Liankevich, the Prix winner is Alexander Boldakov, People's Choice Award goes to Alesya Skarabagataya
Parade of premieres at ‘Belgazprombank features Salon d’Automne’ ‘Belgazprombank features Salon d’Automne’ attracts the visitors not only with works by young Belarusian artists. The exhibition is decorated with masterpieces from the bank collection created by real participants of Paris Autumn Salons of the early 20th century
'Belgazprombank's Salon d'Automne' educational programme is announced The programme is designed for the specialists (art critics. collectors, artists) and the general public and parents with children also
'Salon d’Automne' presents the best of the 21st century Belarusian art Grand opening of art fair 'Salon d’Automne' featured by Belgazprombank took place on October 8, 2015 at the Palace of Art. The exhibition presents a panoramic view of Belarusian young artists
Participants of ‘Belgazprombank’s Salon d'Automne’ are announced Qualifying round of the art project ‘Belgazprombank features Salon d'Automne' is complete. Competent jury selected 90 best emerging belarusian artists that will take part in the final exhibition and sale
Call for applications to the Belgazprombank's ‘Salon d’Automne’ started To participate in the ‘salon’ young Belarusian artists aged 18-40 need to fill in the electronic forms on our site. The deadline is 23 h. 55 min. July 12, 2015