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The School of Paris

The term L’École de Paris (The School of Paris), coined in 1925 by André Warnod describes not an art movement or a learning institution, but a group of artists who created in Paris in the early decades of the 20th century in the styles of Post-Impressionism, Cubism, and Fauvism. French artists like Pierre Bonnard and Fernand Léger and foreigners Pablo Picasso, Amedeo Modigliani, Piet Mondrian, Tsuguharu Foujita belonged to that group.

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A sleeping reader, Madeleine Castaing Soutine, Chaïm , c. 1937 Portrait of Chaïm Soutine Indenbaum, Léon Woman in a red waistcoat Kikoïne, Mikhail Three nude at the table Zadkine, Ossip , 1928 Girl with a red knot Balgley, Jacques Portrait of a girl Balgley, Jacques Self-portrait Balgley, Jacques Le porteur de présents (Le Messager: Le Navigateur) Zadkine, Ossip , 1937 Le retour du fils prodigue Zadkine, Ossip , 1952 Pollux Zadkine, Ossip , 1953-1955 Young Italian Zak, Eugéne , 1902 Woman in a long dress Zak, Eugéne , 1902 Sitting woman Zak, Eugéne , 1902 Man with a dead child Miestchaninoff, Osсar , 1952 A male nude Indenbaum, Léon , 1936 Bust of a young girl Indenbaum, Léon , 1930 A clock in the flaming sky Chagall, Marc , 1947-1950 Eva Soutine, Chaïm , 1928 The Green Landscape Chagall, Marc , 1948-1950 The somnambule Chagall, Marc , 1911-1912 Hunter Kremegne, Pinchus , 1928 Rabbi in the family Kikoïne, Mikhail , c. 1950–1960 Alpine valley Zarfin, Faïbich-Schraga , c. 1950 Small Pietá Zadkine, Ossip , 1961 Landscape at the river-bank Kikoïne, Mikhail , C. 1934 Landscape with laundresses Kikoïne, Mikhail , c. 1925–1926 Vase with flowers Kikoïne, Mikhail , c. 1930–1935 Couple in Love Chagall, Marc , 1981 Big lawns in Chartres, near viaduct Soutine, Chaïm , C. 1934 Seine in Paris Lubitch, Ossip , c. 1925 A man walking dog Lubitch, Ossip Landscape with a red roof Lubitch, Ossip American landscape Zadkine, Ossip , 1944 A lake Zadkine, Ossip , 1925 Acrobat on a horse Chagall, Marc , 1959 Self-portrait Chagall, Marc , 1973 A bouquet Kikoïne, Mikhail , C. 1920 Self-portrait with a model Lubitch, Ossip , 1945 Midday landscape Zarfin, Faïbich-Schraga , c. 1950 Sunset Zarfin, Faïbich-Schraga , c. 1950 Highway Zarfin, Faïbich-Schraga , c. 1950 Mont Saint-Michel Zarfin, Faïbich-Schraga , c. 1950 Village at the foot of Grand Môle Zarfin, Faïbich-Schraga , c. 1950 Alps Zarfin, Faïbich-Schraga , c. 1950 Landscape with three trees Zarfin, Faïbich-Schraga , c. 1950 Bouquet of white flowers Zarfin, Faïbich-Schraga , c. 1950 At the river Zarfin, Faïbich-Schraga , c. 1950 Group in red Zarfin, Faïbich-Schraga , c. 1950 The Donjon at Brissac Zarfin, Faïbich-Schraga , c. 1950 Park Zarfin, Faïbich-Schraga , c. 1950 Landscape of Céret Kremegne, Pinchus , c. 1950 Self-portrait Kremegne, Pinchus , c. 1950 Small still life Kremegne, Pinchus , c. 1950 Cage and fish Kremegne, Pinchus , c. 1950 Flowers in jug Kremegne, Pinchus , c. 1950 Seated woman Kremegne, Pinchus , c. 1950 Large green still life Kremegne, Pinchus , c. 1950 Seated woman Kremegne, Pinchus , c. 1940 Flowers Lubitch, Ossip , c. 1940 Dancer with a tambourine Lubitch, Ossip , c. 1945 Urban landscape Lubitch, Ossip Urban landscape Lubitch, Ossip Sketch Lubitch, Ossip Woman with a guitar Lubitch, Ossip Nude girl (sketch) Lubitch, Ossip Two men (sketch) Lubitch, Ossip Seated old man Lubitch, Ossip Flutist Lubitch, Ossip